Resume Writing

What is a Resume?

A resume serves as a brief summary of your qualifications and experiences as they relate to the type of job you are seeking—it is used when you apply for jobs, internships, or graduate and professional schools. The primary purpose of a resume is to secure an interview, giving you the opportunity to sell your strengths and abilities to prospective employers in person. Your resume provides prospective employers with their first impression of you—it is an advertisement about you. Your resume is your chief marketing tool in the job search process.


Your resume should be well-organized and highlight your background by emphasizing your skills and qualifications. Your resume helps prospective employers evaluate what you have to offer them and informs them of the type of job you are seeking, and the skills, accomplishments, and educational background you have to offer.

If you have several career interests and you are applying for several positions that are unrelated, you may want to develop multiple resumes with different job objectives. The following information will define different resume features and resume types and help you develop your own unique resume.

For more information on writing a resume, please see our Resume Writing Guide.

Need Individual Attention on Your Resume?

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