VMI's 12th Annual Leadership and Ethics Conference "Evolving Civic Leadership: Citizenship and Social Responsibility"

Committed to Exploring Today's Top Leadership Themes

WHEN: November 1-2, 2021

WHERE: In-Person, VMI's Marshall Hall, 500 Anderson Drive, Lexington, VA 24450

WHO: VMI Cadets, Student-Athlete Leaders or Team Captains, Undergraduate Students, Faculty, Professional Development

DRESS CODE: Civilian - business casual; Military - Class B; Cadets - daily class uniform (VMI Class Dyke)

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For information about the conference, contact: LTC Kim Connolly connollykv@vmi.edu

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About This Year's Conference

You've come to know VMI's Annual Leadership and Ethics Conference as one that continues to seek out top national or global issues and challenges for our programming - topics such as leading through disruption, civil discourse, strategic leadership, and more. Each conference features top-notch speakers and subject-matter experts, small group discussions, interactive and engaging activities.

Evolving Leadership: Citizenship and Social Responsibility explores a progression of topics that highlight leadership skills and competencies that future citizen leaders will need to know. Participants will refamiliarize themselves with how our founding fathers saw citizenship to frame out our discussions throughout the conference, including whether or not we still hold to those values. Table groups will discuss what qualities and characteristics they or others may need to lead our nation in the future. They will also answer important questions such as what is an effective citizen? What does it look like to lead a socially diverse group of people? How should we approach handling social issues with an eye on finding common ground and unity? 

We will explore these topics while hearing from thought-leaders and practitioners on citizenship, social responsibility, unity, and authentic citizen leader. We will reinforce each program area with video interviews, facilitated small table group discussions, speakers and panelists, and active-learning exercises.

Participants will

  • explore a social issue during the conference and utilizing the advice and strategies shared, develop an action plan for handling their issue or topic to share with the audience
  • hear from a panel of experienced social activists and gain their insights on tackling problems as well as lessons learned
  • learn how to and practice a college debate facilitated by volunteers from Braver Angels
  • network with other like-minded college students, speakers, and faculty

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Conference Background

Begun in 2010, the VMI Leadership and Ethics Conference is a hallmark of the Center for Leadership and Ethic’s programming. It is a top-tier conference that addresses a significant issue of ethical leadership development, including living an honorable lifestyle in contemporary America.

The conference is open to all interested adults and attracts the attention of faculty and students of a diverse array of military and civilian colleges, members of the public and private sectors, military leaders, and non-profit audiences. Through the participation of these attendees and our speakers, VMI leads national conversations on diverse themes of leadership and ethics in modern society.

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