Upload Documents to Admissions

Box is a one-way secure portal that will allow you to upload your documents to Virginia Military Institute's Admissions Office. You do not need to be a VMI cadet or have a Box account to utilize this free service.

Please note that once submitted, it will take several days for these documents to be processed and appear as being “Received” in the applicant’s Post View Account.'

Checklist of Required and Supplemental Documents

Note: All medical forms should be uploaded to the VMI Infirmary’s Medicat portal. Any questions regarding these forms or their content should be directed to the Infirmary.

How to Name Your File

On all submissions, please title the document as follows: DocumentName_LastName_FirstName. This will ensure that forms are categorized accurately and efficiently. 

To ensure the readability of your document, please convert the document to a PDF file before uploading it.

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