Human Performance and Wellness

At VMI all cadets are required to take seven semesters of human performance and wellness classes.

The Human Performance and Wellness program mentally and physically develops cadets, through exposure to comprehensive and progressive academic (non-degree granting) and experiential (co-curricular) programs designed to enhance self-esteem, physical fitness, leadership characteristics, and the pre-requisite knowledge that produces graduates with a commitment to life-long physical fitness and health.

The program also provides cadets:

  • with knowledge & skill to enhance physical fitness and self-confidence
  • with the knowledge to develop leadership capabilities
  • on how to apply exercise science principles to design exercise/fitness programs
  • with experience to respond appropriately to situations where CPR/lifeguard skills are needed

Degrees and Programs

The Human Performance and Wellness curriculum offers an Exercise Science Minor

All cadets are required to take seven semesters of human performance and wellness classes, and earn four semester credit hours (exclusive of any 3 credit hour course) to meet graduation requirements. 

HPW in the News

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Abaigeal Doody ’23 adjusts 65-pound rucksack on the back of a male subject in the hypoxic chamber to test for stress at VMI. -VMI Photo by Marianne Hause.

VMI Cadets Research Heavy Loads

Hiking up a mountain can be a lot of fun, but add a heavy rucksack to a hiker’s back, and the hike can become a strenuous workout for the heart and lungs. Two cadets majoring in biology at Virginia Military Institute, are exploring the subject in their Summer Undergraduate Research Institute (SURI)

Construction continues on walls and roof of the Aquatic Center located on Main Street.—VMI Photo by H. Lockwood McLaughlin.

Topping off the Aquatic Center

The Aquatic Center project, which is a little more than halfway done, continues steadily, with the project team working toward a November 2022 completion.

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