Adams Center for Military History

The John A. Adams ’71 Center for Military History & Strategic Analysis is a specialized element of VMI enterprise. It promotes, preserves, and perpetuates knowledge of military history and strategic analysis to advance the VMI mission.

Through the generous support of John A. Adams, VMI class of 1971, the interdisciplinary Adams Center team supports innovative scholarship; collects, preserves, and advertises scholarly resources; and organizes events that heighten the awareness of the enduring importance of military history and strategic analysis. The center is focused on the Cold War period.


A vibrant academic center recognized for its innovative approach to military history and strategic analysis.

Our Donor

A native of Schenectady, New York, Mr. John A. Adams, VMI Class of 1971, graduated from the Johns Hopkins University. After college, he pursued a distinguished career as a corporate economist. Later, he turned to his scholarly interest in military history. He is the author of three books published by Indiana University Press. In 2002, John began supporting the VMI Department of History. A gift from his estate provides for the John A. Adams ’71 Center for Military History & Strategic Analysis at the Virginia Military Institute in perpetuity.


Staff MemberPositionE-Mail
COL M. Houston Johnson, Ph.D. Interim Director
MAJ Jonathan Jones, Ph.D. Deputy Director
Ms. Deneise Shafer Administrative Assistant


 Cadet Assistant: Christian Cole '24

Support Us

The Adams Center sincerely appreciates donations in all amounts. Your gifts to the center will support ongoing activities that preserve, promote, and perpetuate military history in ways that contribute to the education of the next generation of strategic leaders.

Please contact the director of the Adams Center to discuss your interest in supporting the Adams Center.

All donations to the Adams Center are administered by the VMI Foundation and are tax deductible. To support the Adams Center with a financial gift, visit the VMI Foundation. When making your donation, select designation "other" and enter "Adams" to ensure your gift reaches the Adams Center.

The VMI Foundation will promptly mail you a tax receipt and acknowledgment letter citing that your contribution was to the Adams Center. If you are a VMI alumnus, please note that all contributions to the Adams Center will be counted towards your reunion and lifetime giving.