VMI Leader Journey Podcast

Kasey Meredith in winter class dyke uniform

Leading and Learning with Kasey Meredith '22

We sat down with VMI's first female regimental commander, Kasey Meredith '22, to talk to her about leadership style. She stressed the importance of working as a team, delegation, her support team, and her rat-dyke relationship.

Allen Xu 2021 Graduation

Be Humble - There's More to Learn with Allen Xu '21

Chief EMT Allen Xu '21 came to VMI to 'do something more.' His plans are to commission and eventually become an Army doctor. Said Xu, '...Be humble is the most important thing. Because when you come at it from a more humble point of view, you'll realize how much there is left to learn.'

Image of Soccer Captain Whitney Edwards-Roberson '21 in uniform

Little Moments - Big Leadership Lessons with Whitney Edwards-Roberson '21

Whitney Roberson is a history major from Chesapeake, VA, captain of the women’s soccer team, president of the Promaji club, an investigator for the CEA (Cadet Equity Association), and the vice president of SAAC (Student Athletic Advisory Committee). She learned leadership in 'little moments.'

Jordan Ward in VMI Football Uniform Profile Pic

All-In Commitment and Passion with Jordan Ward '21

Jordan Ward '21 says there's not much about leadership that he didn't learn from football. Said Ward, "Our Motto was '10 Toes Down' and if we can ensure that everyone is focused on the same goal, we'll be able to accomplish that as long as everyone's all-in trusting in one another." Listen here.

Profile picture of Kevin Black VMI Class of 1999

The Art & Science of Leadership with Kevin Black '99

Forbes coach, leadership consultant, author, and podcaster alumnus Kevin Black '99 gives an energetic and passionate interview with insights he's identified in leadership development.

LeAndrew Jefferson '21 as First-Class Chaplain

The Institute Relies on the Strength of the Corps with LeAndrew Jefferson '21

International Studies Major and Cadet Chaplain LeAndrew Jefferson is a First-Class Cadet from Southwest Detroit, MI. He discussed his introduction to VMI, the VMI network, VMI as a leadership laboratory, growing into his studies, and the difficulty of the new reality during COVID restrictions. 

Will Nicholson in parade outfit holding a puppy

Meaningful Leadership Experiences as a First-Class Private with Will Nicholson '21

Will Nicholson '21 is president of the

Holly Njabo, former women's rugby player, biology major

Go with the Flow with Holly Njabo

Holly Njabo, VMI Class of '20, says VMI's recruitment video, research, and a beautiful acceptance letter influenced her decision to enroll sight-unseen! She didn't know it, but she was learning even then to 'Go with the Flow.' Hear more about her leadership development journey in this episode!

Profile pic of Karl Renne '96 Retired CIA, Veteran, Entrepreneur

Be Patient and Learn from a Variety of Leaders with Karl Renne '96

Retired CIA Agent, former marine, and entrepreneur Karl Renne ’96 is a founding partner and CEO of Ghost Wolf Industries. Learn why Renne says leaders benefit from learning from all kinds of individuals and the common mistake he and others make early in their careers. Join us!

Bob Fricke speaking at 2019 Leadership Conference

Leaders Sacrifice with Bob Fricke '78

Alumnus Bob Fricke '78 shared his definition of leadership, the powerful lessons he learned as a young lieutenant, and how that's carried over into a new teaching career, his most challenging career yet! Join us for this episode!