Miller Academic Center

The MAC facilitates cadets’ academic success and timely progress toward a degree.  Numerous opportunities are available for cadets to receive additional support with coursework.

Group Study Sessions

These sessions are an excellent way to practice and process the material covered in class and while studying. While it is important to prepare for the sessions by attending class and studying the course materials, the sessions can be an opportunity to challenge and reinforce learning.

Are you a VMI faculty member or cadet interested in learning more about this program? Contact Denise Young, Ph.D.

Academic Saturday

This resource is primarily for 4th Class cadets, but others are invited to attend.

Each session covers a topic related to cadet success.

Request scheduled dates and additional details.

Time management help

Bring an academic planner to the Miller Academic Center and work with a member of our staff to create a weekly study schedule. Appointments are required.

Schedule an appointment through VMI's MyWCOnline system.

Cadet Resources

Denise Young is available for online appointments Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. MAC staff is available 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday for individual meetings.

More tools:

  • NetTutor - a web-based tutoring service providing online tutoring and academic support to cadets in a variety of disciplines and academic programs. For information on accessing NetTutor see the Net Tutor Guide.
  • MyMajors - Finding a major can be tough.  MyMajors can recommend majors that match your academic achievement, aptitude, unique interests, and preferences.
  • StudentLingo - Online student success workshops that are available to cadets 24/7. These interactive workshops can help cadets achieve their personal, academic, and career goals. Please see the Student Lingo Guide for more information.


Faculty Involvement

The Miller Academic Center values involvement and cooperation with faculty and staff in an effort to better meet the needs of cadets.


  • Group Study Session (GSS):
    • Cadet leader selection - Faculty and staff provide cadet recommendations for GSS cadet leaders.
    • Faculty team members -Each GSS has a faculty member from the department for that course who serves as a resource both for the cadet leader(s) as well as the Miller Academic Center to contribute to the overall effectiveness of the GSS experience.
  • Professional development -The Center provides speakers and seminars for faculty and staff on a variety of topics.
  • Enhancement of Miller Academic Center programs - Representatives of departments and programs serve as guest speakers to enhance MAC programs and services such as GSS cadet leader training and Project Success. 
  • Referrals to the MAC by faculty and staff
  • Collaborations on various grants and projects

The Miller Academic Center is committed to an equitable and inclusive environment.  We understand and value the intellectual growth brought about through positive interactions with cadets, faculty, and staff whose backgrounds, ideas, beliefs, and values may be different from our own.