Apply for Financial Aid

Virginia Military Institute admits cadets regardless of financial circumstances or aid eligibility. When creating a financial aid award, the Office of Financial Aid works to provide the best package possible based on the information provided.

Upload Documents Securely to Financial Aid

Prospective Cadets

  1. Apply for admission to Virginia Military Institute. Cadets must be appointed to the Institute before a financial aid offer is made.

  2. Submit the VMI Statement of Educational Purpose along with your admission application. Deadline March 1.

  3. Create an FSA ID and password on the Federal Student Aid website to serve as your electronic signature.  

  4. Beginning October 1, the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA) is available for free to complete on the Federal Student Aid website using prior-prior year taxes. We encourage families to file regardless of income and use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.

    Students should specify 003753 as the code number for Virginia Military Institute. Apply now: Federal Student Aid website. Deadline March 1.

  5. After you’ve been appointed and we have received your FAFSA, and VMI Statement of Educational Purpose along with any other documentation that has been requested, we will send you a paper copy of your Financial Aid Award describing the aid you are eligible to receive. At that time, you should be able to review your financial aid awards online.

Current Cadets

The process for applying for financial aid is the same for current cadets except for having to apply for admission to the Institute.

FAFSA Priority Deadline – March 1 -   If you miss the Priority Deadline, you should still complete the FAFSA and Statement of Educational Purpose. However, the availability of funds will be limited.  Tips for completing or correcting the FAFSA

Upload Documents Securely to Financial Aid

Financial Aid Verification

You may be randomly selected by the Department of Education for financial aid verification. If selected you must:

  1. Complete the Verification Worksheet Dependent.  If you are an independent student complete the Verification Worksheet - Independent.

  2. Students selected for verification are encouraged to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool (IRS-DRT).  Instead of the IRS-DRT, if you and your parents are tax filers, you need to request a 2021 Tax Return Transcript, free of charge from the IRS online at or by telephone at (800) 908-9946, and provide our office with a copy.

  3. This handout should assist you if you feel you are a victim of identity theft.   Victim of Identity Theft

Financial Aid Appeals

To request a review for appeal by the Director of Financial Aid, please complete one of the following forms and submit it to the VMI Financial Aid Office along with all supporting documentation:

  1. If your financial situation has changed dramatically in 2020 (2021-22 FASFA), please complete the Financial Aid Appeal 2021-2022
  2. If your financial situation has changed dramatically in 2021 (2022-23 FASFA), please complete the Financial Aid Appeal 2022-2023.