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I am so pleased to partner with the six senior military colleges to initiate the DoD Cyber Institute pilot program. The Nation’s focus and investment in these six elite institutions is a key element to expand the talent pipeline to graduate cybersecurity professionals who will go on to serve in the Active duty, National Guard, and the Reserves in the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines, as well as serve as DoD civilians.


What is CyDef?

CyDef is a VMI conduit to grow the pipeline of next generation cybersecurity leaders. As such, students will undergo rigorous education and cybersecurity and leadership training in a dynamic, predictive, and responsive program. Integral to CyDef is helping increase workforce diversity and providing extensive experiential learning with state-of-the-art tools and devices.


To graduate citizen-soldiers with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to (1) effectively and professionally perform, individually and as team members, the tasks required for cybersecurity work; (2) have the readiness to serve DoD cyber missions emphasizing cyber leadership skills and Cyber Mission Force (CMF) work roles; and (3) rapidly respond to the critical needs and emergencies to safeguard and defend the nation’s cyberspace.


To provide premier cybersecurity leadership education, Increasing the number of the next generation of leaders capable and ready to serve and protect our nation from existing and emerging cybersecurity challenges. A CyDef priority is to grow the representation of underrepresented groups in the cybersecurity workforce.


To enhance VMI's cybersecurity education through innovative curriculum with integrated leadership development and fusion of rigorous experiential and immersive learning.


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