Auxiliary Services

Auxiliary Services

The dedicated staff members of Auxiliary Services at VMI provide high quality services and supplies to support the Corps of Cadets in their four years at the Institute. The team's highest commitment is to provide excellent, timely customer service to the entire VMI community.

Approximately 175 dedicated staff members and contractors in Auxiliary Services work to ensure that the Corps of Cadets has everything it needs for day-to-day operations and life at the Institute. Each department in Auxiliary Services strives to enhance the experience of cadets, faculty, staff, and visitors on Post by providing high-quality goods and services, especially to meet the expanded needs of college students who are also elite cadets learning, training, and developing into leaders at the oldest state-supported military college in the nation. The team also leads the parking citation appeals committee. To appeal, cadets, faculty, staff, and visitors can print and mail a copy of the Parking Appeals Form to: Comptroller, Virginia Military Institute, Smith Hall Room 313, Lexington VA 24450, along with their payment for the citation.

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Incoming cadet getting a haircut at the barbershop



The barbershop employs nine trained and state-licensed barbers and cosmetologists. The barbershop cuts average of 32,000 haircuts per year or approximately 1,000 per week. Demand for haircuts is highest in the fall semester where the barbershop averages 180 haircuts per day. Rats are required one haircut every 7 days, with each company assigned a specific day.

Standard Hours of Operation:
M-F 8:30am - 4pm





The Institute's twelve tailors provide alterations, repairs and sewing to the Corps of Cadets. On average, the team handles 300 garments per week. The tailor shop operates year-round due to substantial uniform repair, maintenance and sewing requirements. VMI's talented team repairs or alters over 20,000 cadet garments per year; this includes adding class stripes and patches, nametapes, varsity letters and club sport letters, and adding or removing rank and academic stars. The tailor shop also makes all the saber slings for the Corps of Cadets. This department is instrumental in the process of issuing uniforms to the Rat mass during Matriculation, altering garments as necessary, and completing general repairs throughout a cadet's four years of training at VMI.

Standard Hours of Operation:
M-F 7:30am – 12pm, 12:30pm-4pm 



Cadet being assisted with uniform



The Military Store and Quartermaster Department have 14 employees, responsible for providing all uniform items to the Corps of Cadets, with an average of $4,500 in uniform items issued to each cadet. During Matriculation in mid-August, the team equips approximately 520 new cadets with 60,000 uniform items. All uniform items currently issued to the 1,700-cadet Corps of Cadets includes over 198,000 uniforms items, which are altered, exchanged, or replaced throughout the year as needed due to wear and tear, loss, or changes in fit due to cadet physical changes. VMI's on-hand quantities and sizes are sufficient to outfit the largest and the smallest cadets with little or no wait time.

Standard Hours of Operation:
Military Store: M-F 7:30am – 11am, 12pm-3:30pm
QMD: M-F 7:30am – 3:30pm



Male cadet on the rifle team at practice



The armory at VMI is supported by two trained, small arms repair technicians. These dedicated professionals maintain 1,485 US Army M14 rifles, 500 US Army M4 rifles, 40 US Army M249 Squad Automatic Weapons, plus over 300 cadet marksmanship-training weapons. They provide weapon maintenance support to NCAA rifle and pistol teams, club skeet and trap, and the 3-gun competitive shooting club team. Along with these arms, the team handles swords, sashes, plumes, and officer & sword-bearing NCO belts for the Corps.

Standard Hours of Operation:
M-F 8am - 4pm



Cadet uniforms after laundry



The laundry department has twenty-nine employees who process over 800 laundry bags every week with over 8,000 uniforms items. The cadets turn in laundry bags, white shirts and ducks on Monday mornings. The laundry department then sorts, tags, washes, dries, folds, repacks, and returns cadet laundry by Friday afternoon. The laundry department also offers a full-service dry-cleaning shop. A cadet can turn in dry cleaning by 10:00 and the items are ready for pick up by 2:00  the same day. In addition to laundering uniform items, the laundry department assists the Military Store and QMD during Matriculation by labeling all issued uniform items.

Standard Hours of Operation:
Laundry and Dry Cleaning, M-F 6am – 2:30pm
Uniform and Pickup Rooms, M-F 7am – 3:30pm



VMI Mailroom



The mailroom provides comprehensive mail services to 1,700 cadets and 800 faculty & staff in 80 departments at the Institute. Over the course of a year, the mailroom processes over 177,000 pieces of outgoing mail and 36,000 pieces of incoming cadet mail and packages. The mailroom personnel make two Post-wide mail runs (pick-up & delivery) each day as well as three trips to the Lexington Post Office daily. The mailroom is also in daily coordination with FEDEX, UPS, and DHL to provide mail service to the Institute. The mailroom’s accountability system sends automatic e-mail notifications to cadets upon receipt of mail and packages. The team processes an average of 1,500 pieces of incoming mail and 700 pieces of outgoing mail per week, keeping cadets connected to family and friends, and supporting the Institute in its daily operations and collaboration with external partners.

Standard Hours of Operation:
M-F 10am – 4pm





Located in the PX, Follett manages bookstore operations for VMI. They carry new and used textbooks, as well as offer textbook rentals at a great savings to cadets. In addition to books, they carry a wide variety of school supplies, sundry items, and also VMI-branded apparel and merchandise. In addition to shopping on Post, cadets, families, and VMI fans can find apparel and gear to support the Institute and VMI Athletics at the online bookstore. The bookstore processes and ships multiple orders for customers daily, and is the place to go to get VMI gear and course materials.

Standard Hours of Operation:
M-F 8am – 4:00pm
Sat. 10am – 3pm




Cadet getting food in Crozet
MG Wins and his wife dine with cadets in Crozet Hall

Parkhurst has provided food service at VMI since December 2017 and serves between 18,000 and 20,000 meals per week in Crozet Hall. Dining service operations run daily from 0700 to 2000 hours seven days a week, anytime cadets are on post. We know how important nutrition is in supporting the extremely active lifestyle of VMI cadets, so we provide larger portions than your average institution of higher education, which follows USDA-recommended portion sizes. It’s not just quantity that is important, but quality as well. Parkhurst prides itself on using fresh ingredients to create meals that are both healthy and delicious. In addition, they strive to offer variety, giving cadets a choice in meals, particularly at lunch. Nutrition information is provided by Parkhurst.

Menus and more information from Parkhurst are available on our Caretrax site.

Standard Hours of Operation:
M-F 7am – 9:30am, 11am – 1:30pm, 5:30pm – 8pm*
Sat. 7am – 9:30am, 11am – 1:30pm, 5:30pm – 8pm*
Sun. 8:30am – 10:30am, 10:30am – 1pm, 5:30pm – 8pm*

*Crozet is open to the Old Corps for grazing from opening until closing


PX table area and food counters


Cadets, faculty, staff, and visitors alike have the opportunity to visit the PX for a delicious, quick, and convenient variety of food to satisfy any craving – whether it’s something quick between classes or settling at a table to enjoy a meal. The café features Starbuck's specialty drinks, espresso, and drip coffee. Visitors can also select from handcrafted grill items. The most recent addition to the PX - Freshens - offers smoothies, grilled flatbread sandwiches, wraps, internationally inspired rice bowls, and made-to-order salads in a crispy crepe. Finally, the PX offers a variety of On the Go! Sandwiches, made-fresh-daily, Sushi Matsumoto sushi, salads, and healthy snacks.

Standard Hours of Operation:

M-Sat 8:30am - 11pm
Sun. 11am - 11pm
Daily 11am – 10:30pm
PX Grille, PX Oven and Subs
Daily 11am – 2pm, 6pm – 9pm

The Arsenal

Cadets play video games in The Arsenal, a venue for cadet activities and after-dinner food on VMI's campus, known as Post.


A new cadet activity center located on the ground floor of Crozet Hall opened in February 2023. The center has been dubbed “The Arsenal,” through a vote by the Corps of Cadets, and is for their use to relax, socialize, and enjoy televised events. The name is a nod to VMI’s history. The Virginia State Arsenal in Lexington was established in 1818, then converted into the Institute in November 1839, with the goal of educating the young men who manned the arsenal. The Arsenal has a billiards table, two large screen TVs with gaming, cable, and internet hook-ups. There are sectional sofas, and café tables and chairs. A bar and grill, run by Parkhurst Dining, VMI’s food services vendor, offers sodas, sports drinks, and specialty food items.

Standard Hours of Operation:

  • Wednesday 18:45 to 22:00
  • Friday 18:45 to 22:00
  • Saturday 18:45 to 22:00
  • Sunday 18:45 to 22:00

The Arsenal Menu


VMI cadets enjoy billiards, food, and entertainment in The Arsenal - a cadet activity center on Post.


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